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Tailoring Care
  • Immediately upon opening of the boxes, all garments must be hung on the appropriate hangers. 

  • If the time permits, the garments must be left to “rest” on the hangers for 2-3 days to allow them to fall back into the shape set by the factory pressing

  • After 2-3 days of resting on the hangers, the jackets could be lightly ironed (only if necessary), to get rid of residual wrinkles.  This operation must be performed by the professional tailor or a specially trained person, who knows how to press the garments correctly.  The use of the handheld steamer is strictly prohibited! After the pressing the garments must rest on the hangers until they have been cooled off (approx. 15 minutes)

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the hanger size so important?

A:  The hangers come in various sizes, usually accommodating 2 jacket sizes per hanger size.  Use of the hanger smaller in the shoulder than the jacket, will cause the shoulder collapse, creating the wrinkles under the chest, blades and the sleeves.  Using larger hangers will stretch the shoulder and the head of the sleeve out of shape.​

Q: Why do the garments have to stay on the hangers for a few days after delivery?

A: We use the high-quality cloth, which is made out of predominately long worsted yarns.  Such cloth has a great memory and the natural wrinkle recovery. By leaving the garments for a few days to recover, you allow the cloth to relax to its natural shape, dramatically improving the appearance.  You will find that in many cases, you won´t need to press the suit at all.​

Q: Why can´t I use the handheld steamer?

A: The steamer is designed to exhaust a vast quantity of hot moist air which is helpful when you want to take some wrinkles off the shirts and knitwear.  Since most shirts are designed to be washed, majority have close-ended seams which will not get affected during the steaming.  Also, unlike the jackets and trousers, the shirts are not set into the shape by the heat process.  The hot steam introduces a large amount of moisture inside of the garments, causing the reverse effect of factory pressing and in some cases, damage to construction.

Q: What can I expect after steaming the jacket using a steamer?

​A: There are several irreversible and reversible damages might happen when the garments (specifically jackets) are steamed.  Some of the most common issue are:

- Puckering along the seams (cannot be repressed to perfection without opening the lining and pressing the seams from inside)

- Excessive drape on the front panels in full-canvas jacket (jacket will have to be re-pressed by a professional on the curve shaped board to restore the chest form)

- Separation of the fusible interfacing on the half canvased jackets, due to dissolving of the glue, used to bond the fusible with the shell cloth. The effect is shown as sporadic bubbling on the front panels (permanent damage that cannot be repaired).

- Loss of shape giving to the garment during its final factory pressing (the garments would have to ironed by the professional tailor to restore the shape).

- Destabilisation of the cloth design, noticeably not straight checks and pinstripes. (can be re-ironed by the professional tailor  but only in limited parts of the garments)

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